Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decision made...

So I've been looking online, cruising the forums and auction sites trying to find what I'm after.  I came across a really sweet KLX400 with a set of motard wheels last week and after bidding to my max it went up another $400.  It's kind of a strange feeling bidding on a bike that you want, but hoping you don't win it 'cause you know you have better things to do with the money.  With a bit of tricky accounting I could buy a house with the money I would have spent on that bike.  Anyway, as my wife keeps telling me, there will always be more opportunities.

A couple of days later I came across this.  It's an 83 XL600R which is the beginning of an era.  It was the first time this engine was used and it was still being put into new Hondas 'till 2009.  That is saying something.  This has a new piston and rings and about 25000 ks but that has all been on a farm.  I did a heap of reading over a couple of days and decided that this is a good alternative to the newer DRZ.  A little simpler.  A nice long production run, so lots of parts.  And not too flashy so I wont mind cutting it up a bit to make something unique.  I might even pick up a spare one if one comes up, but don't tell the wife.

Anyway, I rang the guy up and after a bit of a chat we struck a deal over the phone.  He's going to drop it off at a local motorcycle shop to get it ready for the ride home from Ballina.  If it isn't too hard I might even get the blue slip sorted before the trip and rego it.

The really nice thing about this bike is it's basically the same as the one at the end of my last post.  I don't really want to go with the fiberglass tank that he has on his, as emptying it after each ride sounds a little too much.  I'll just keep an eye out for something a bit nice and see where to go from there.

Maybe I'll start with the headlight and tidying up the front end?  I even have a stealth trailtech dash left from my old DRZ (pictured above) which  I should be able to get it all working with the XL.  I'll just have to get an oil temp sensor instead of the water one for the DRZ.  Maybe I'll get some newer suspension too... the much newer XR front and rear all seems to bolt in.  Also, there will be a weight loss program...  So many ideas and so much to do.

Do you like this headlight?  It's the same as the one that is on the Tracker on my last post

 Just came across this review.  I hope I can say the same in 2025 : )

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